About Habitual

Our tea’s are dedicated to the tea lovers, plant foragers, herb geeks and health seekers. We are you too!

We're from the East Coast of Australia, Port Macquarie NSW. In 2016 we opened our business The Hollow Store where we sell Organic Australian artisan health products. Our store was the beginning of the Habitual Tea journey....

Founder and Naturopath Melanie Lock crafted each medicinal blend with a knowledge and experience that spans over 20 years.  

Habitual Tea was born from a love and deep understanding of herbal medicine and the art of drinking tea. Each of our blends have been carefully designed to support specific organs and systems of the body; to create a sense of time, space and well being. 

Every infusion is a unique experience of flavour, palette, hue and intimacy.

Every cup holds a language of healing through Plants, Herbs and Nature.

When the world is full of hurry, a cup of tea is a moment to pause.

Our Habitual Tea Blends are:

Made using certified organic ingredients with the utmost therapeutic value; Hand-crafted; Naturopath formulated; Free from artificial colours and flavours; Gluten free, dairy free and vegan; Australian made & owned company; Delivered in recyclable packaging.

Melanie Lock ND BHSc @wild_fox_weaving